Mineral Paint

An Eco-sustainable paint product that is washable, oil stain proof, self-priming, having a matte finish, providing excellent coverage and a luminous paint surface, yet is extremely durable. 

Wax Polish

A paste wax used to enhance treated or painted pieces for an even higher sheen. This product is manufactured for Faux Real Company by Fiddes & Sons.


An opaque metallic medium used to highlight or embellish treated or painted pieces. This product is eco-sustainable, zero VOC and is manufactured by Faux Real Paint Company. 

Certo Varnish

A Low Environmental Influence acryl-polyurethane water-based matte varnish. Provides a permanent, long-lasting sealer and protector for wood and painted surfaces. Certo Varnish is oil proof and highly water resistant. 

Home Decor Paint Sprayer

Wagner Home Decor sprayer works with mineral type, milk, and most other decorative paints. Spraying your projects takes about half the time of hand painting. This HVLP sprayer creates a smooth and even finish with fewer coats.


A medium used to achieve a crackle or fractured effect as desired. This product is eco-sustainable, has zero VOC and is manufactured by Faux Real Paint Company. 


A transparent lime glaze ideal for creating chromatic variables when applied. This product is ideal for creating glazing or veiling effects on absorbent surfaces.